The regular TriYoga practice has a lot of benefits for your body, mind & soul.

Your energy flow will increase spontaneously, you will experience more life energy and enjoy a blissful realxation time in action.
CHOOSE WHAT IS MORE CONVENIENT FOR YOU:a private class or a group class!


During an inidvidual class teacher and student can focus on specific student's issues, like body illness, joint pain, movement restrictions, stress, depression, etc..

The student will be trained to learn specific exercises and sequences to practice at home.

To deepen the practice and knowledge of triyoga flow, also pranayama (breath technique), concentration and meditation are taught once the student is ready to complete the whole spectrum of yoga practices.


Enjoy practicing TriYoga in a group of open-hearted people and learn to stay focused on your own breath rhythm. Stay connected to the group while flowing on your mat at your own pace.

The group energy can be experienced as a support by more challenging sequences. Share the flow and your breath in devotion and no judgement.

Starting NOV 5 on TUE and THURS, 9.30-10.30 am 
@ Studio BodyArt, Carloforte (Sardinia, Italy)

Book your private or group class in ITALIAN, GERMAN, ENGLISH or FRENCH at your convenience 

Please call me at +39 324 841 8944 or email amirapace(at)

to make an arrangement or schedule your private class at your place
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